by Lynnae Gryffin

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released September 20, 2016

Recorded by Adam Lee (Jackpot)
Produced by Lynnae Gryffin and Adam Lee
Vocals and Guitar by Lynnae Gryffin
Bass by Mike Grippi
Drums by Christopher Johnedis (Information, Four Out of Seven) and Jeff Evans (Sand)
Graphic Design/Album Art by David Bryan


all rights reserved



Lynnae Gryffin Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Information
In my hand a tiny gate
Information oscillates
Trained hands take what they're given
Synonym, symbol and vision
Break it all, even broken hands spit light

Why does it matter what comes next?
Why does it matter what happened last time?

Free the mind from useless noise
End the endless civil war
Make and unmake with equal force
An appetite-- an approximation
Spit it out, even empty mouths spit light
Track Name: Four Out of Seven
Though at first you wont see
They cannot touch you
Though at first you won't know
They meant you only kindness
There's no had at your neck
There is no leash to keep you still


Though at least we said then
Life is not like sleeping
But through day and heavy night
I walk around, and around
What pulls about the mouth?
Something I'd been thinking all along?

What undoes the things I start
When the days, they come in pieces
What crept out of it's box
When it heard them leaving
What company we keep
What crawled out of your sleep
What goes stirring in your mind
That brought you to the window?

See we never do in sevens
What we could do in fours
We'll be better now
Than we ever were before

If you will forgive me
A second time around
If the habit does not break
If the pattern does not form

But still...
Track Name: Norah's Song
I did not tame the wild around me
Though they sometimes will tell me their stories
It's not the same
Though sometimes what they say is so strange

I want to write only what happened
You decide what it means

My thoughts may break away when I'm speaking
A flurried thing, a flock of birds
My mind may often fly to high corners
What I see from here is so absurd

I want to show you
How it all means nothing
In swathes of color
In simple structures
How when I fly away, I'll leave you my shoes
Maybe a list of words that tell only the truth

How I did not tame the wild around me
But I listened most of the time
Track Name: Sand
Softly, softly leave the room
With all you can't stand to share
Though bloodless, I left you
My heart is true
I would not leave you starving

What lives between our cells?
What lives between our minds?
Because when you make a kill
Something in me dies
They would not need to know
What doesn't matter now
How we never hated you
How we don't know how

I know I must belong
Like we all must belong
With or without you

Boldly I wander, bold I move
Full of the forms we fill
The strange of my kind grow stranger still
They see what I am blind to

I know I've been a fool
I know I walk a line
But when I break my stride
Something in me dies
They would not need to know
What couldn't matter now
How we never hated you
Now we don't know how

I know I must belong
Like we all must belong
With or without you

I've done all that I can
I never told you
I can't stand to be still
Hold me and maybe I will

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